Where We Sail

Southern California

In the southeast region of the Santa Barbara Channel there is a great patch of water known as Pierpont Bay. It is sheltered from the more rugged Central Coast by great points such as Conception, but it still receives the prevailing West wind averaging 12 kts in the afternoon. Our office is located here at the Ventura marina.

Aerial view of Pierpont Bay

Aerial view of Pierpont Bay

South and West of Pierpont Bay are the Channel Islands, approximately 20 miles distant and usually visible on the horizon. Some of the best sails from Ventura Harbor include:

  • Anacapa Island for lunch at Frenchy’s Cove
  • Santa Barbara harbor for an evening at Brophy Bros, then spinnaker ride home the next day
  • Channel Islands Hbr for a similar experience (but closer, and more reachy than upwind/downwind)
  • Santa Cruz Island’s plentiful anchorages and incredible scenery

Baja Mexico

On the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez, Puerto Escondido (see it on the map) is an amazing natural harbor in one of the most idyllic settings on the Pacific Coast. The harbor is a 20-minute drive from the colonial town of Loreto, both of which are within daysailing distance of the islands.

corsair 31

Honeymoon Cove on Danzante Island

Some of the most popular trips from Puerto Escondido include:

  • Honeymoon Cove on Danzante Island (pictured above)
  • Diving and beach trips to Coronado Island
  • Circumnavigating Carmen Island

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